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Selected raw materials, safety and environmental protection
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After ten years of Deep ploughing in the field, Longquan Hongye color sample library has accumulated tens of thousands of formulas, which can quickly match samples for customers and complete proofing with high precision, high efficiency and high quality. The functional masterbatches are full range of thermoplastic.  It is used in many industries such as non-woven fabric, chemical fiber, foaming, thermoforming, film and so on to meet the needs of customers in an all-round way.
The company is equipped with more than ten sets of high-end proofing equipment and 20 extruders of various specifications. Advanced management production system and hihg production capacityof up to 20000 tons / year have speed up delivery. Hongye 's geograhical location is mature and convenient, where products arrived in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai the next day, for obvious location advantages and excellent distribution capacity.
Economical:More cost saving  More convenience
Precision testing, quality monitoring
Advanced testing instruments ensure the ultra-high qualified rate of products, check at every step, and prevent defective products from being delivered to customers; The production process shall be strictly controlled from early prevention , process inspection to traceability.
Great: Better technoligh Better service
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Hongye people firmly believe that technology is the lifeline of enterprise development. Longquan Hongye experimental center has three laboratories with more than 30 sets of experimental equipment. It is equipped with a large number of experimental equipment, including dispersion tester, DSC / TGA synchronous thermal analyzer, fluorescence spectrophotometer and so on. In addition to meeting the needs of the company's product development, we can also provide customers with various tests and assist customers in product development. Hongye people know that quality is the foundation of an enterprise. The company strictly abides by the requirements of ISO-9001 quality system, and its products have passed the inspection of SGS professional organization. We solemnly promise that all products will pass ROHS environmental protection monitoring. If there is no statement, all products will not contain filler.
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Zhejiang Longquan Hongye New Material Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of Color Masterbatch, functional masterbatch, biodegradable materials, melt blown materials and other special materials. The products are widely used in non-woven fabric, foaming, chemical fiber, film, thermoforming and other industries. Founded in 2010, the company is a national high-tech enterprise. The backbone team has nearly 20 years of experience in the rubber and plastic industry. The company has a standard plant of more than 13000 square meters, nearly 20 large and small extruders and an annual production capacity of 20000 tons. The company has advanced technology and equipment, perfect testing means and strong development ability, and has passed the ISO-9001 quality management system certification to ensure the first-class product quality. The company's products have passed the testing of SGS and other professional institutions, and serve a large number of industry-leading enterprises. Longquan Hongye embraces excellence and sincerity, and "shaping" the future is the mission of "Hongye". It is determined to become a technical pioneer and market leader in multiple rubber and plastic segments. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "creating value, sharing progress and win-win cooperation", and looks forward to working with you to draw the future together!
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Create value, share progress
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Many years of high quality rubber seal customized source manufacturers
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